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Evolution Water and Lighting Solutions is the fastest growing pool and spa equipment wholesaler, reseller, distributor and manufacturer in South East Queensland, Australia.

With leading industry knowledge, a great team that is focused on providing solutions for the pool and spa industry you can be assured you are in safe, knowledgeable and experienced hands.

We manufacture and supply pool and spa products including but not limited to:

Salt Water Chlorinators, Pool Pumps, Filtration equipment, Pool Lighting, Pool Chemicals, Plumbing Fittings and Accessories....the list is endless.

Evolution Water and Lighting Solutions is proud to work along side many of the industry leaders and can supply almost anything you need for your pool or spa whether it is a refurbishment, new pool or simply a maintenance project.

Most other brands are easily available.

Please enquire if you do not see the product or brand you require.
We are happy to assist you. 
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